Bali Hut

I use only White String Alang Alang Thatch from Indonesia. This is the best thatch available in the world, the only thatch that will last in Australia’s harsh conditions.

Whether you are building your Bali Hut in Far North Tropicals Queensland or Tasmania, our Thatch will endure our climate.

Spacing – we supply enough Thatch for 80mm spacing which is perfect for Australia. Combining the 35 degree pitch of a Bali Hut roof with 80mm spacing your Bali Hut will be waterproof.

120mm spacing is not enough and 65mm spacing is used in Indonesia for housing. Some companies will try and sell you 65mm so you buy more thatch.

I supply the quantity to thatch at 80mm as standard.

Combine your Bali Hut with

  • Bamboo Screens
  • Merbau Screens
  • Glass Walls and Doors
  • Decking
  • Bar Rail
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