“7 Mistakes Buyers of Bali Huts Make and
How To Avoid Them.”

Buyer Mistake 1: Not Getting What You Pay For

Let me explain. Don’t you be the next Bali Hut victim! This one really ticks me off. Because we are located in such a high profile position at Bundall on the Gold Coast, we get to see a lot of people. And we get to hear the Bali Hut horror stories as well. And not all Bali hut suppliers or DIY Bali Hut kits are the same!

People have bought a Bali Hut elsewhere or from an overseas supplier thinking it was one thing, only to find out later, once it was delivered, that it was totally different to what they expected.

Examples of these horror stories are: paint has been used rather than stain, their Bali Hut has a smaller crown, the rafters may be thinner, the DIY Bali Hut kit had poor quality fasteners, it was a non-engineered Bali Hut design and it had thinner thatch spacing and roofing and so on.

Point is, they didn’t get what they expected and they were left angry and very disappointed… often having massive arguments (they tell us) with the supplier and never getting any other satisfaction or money back.

Although all of these are major cause for concern for customers, the biggest and by far the most concerning factor is that people aren’t getting what they paid for. They come in and say, “I bought a 3 x 3 Bali hut but the person never mentioned that’s the roof size and the frame was only 2 x 2”. A typical comment may be, “I looked at yours, could see the quality, but bought the cheaper one.” Trouble is, once it arrives, you’re stuck with it.

So do your homework first. If you dig deep, you’ll find the stories above happen all the time. The specs just don’t add up. So ask questions. Make sure you ask in great detail exactly what you are getting with your new Bali Hut or gazebo before you become the next customer to spend months of pain with no joy at the end, fighting to get what you thought you had paid for.

Buyer Mistake 2: Buying an Undersized Bali Hut

A big mistake many people make is not choosing a Bali Hut that is big enough for their needs and future. If your dream is to have a Bali Hut where you could have 3 or 4 friends and family without being squeezed, my advice is if you have the room now, use it.

Think about when you have Christmas, Easter, a Sunday BBQ and birthday parties, or will it be big enough? What about in a year or two, when you want to add a spa?

When ordering your Bali Hut based on our experience it’s better to add the extra metre or two. If the metre is being added along the length of the gazebo, you will be surprised how affordable it is. You see, adding the extra metre or two now is affordable; later it’s a lot more expensive and time consuming. While it can be done in most cases, you will be a country mile better off buying a Bali Hut that is bigger than you need now.

Buyer Mistake 3: Bali Huts That Don’t Meet Australian Standards

Coming in at number three is buying Bali Huts that don’t meet Australian Standards. You see you may have heard stories about “A grade” thatch grown here or “B grade” thatch grown there. Well, let me tell you; based on my years of experience it is all a load of nonsense!

If you have been to Indonesia, you will know that the culture and lifestyle is nothing like Australia. The way things get done and made over there is totally different.

There are no quality controls. As you drive down the street you’ll see people sanding and building furniture in one building, then next door there is a shop selling jewellery and clothing or traditional food, the next few buildings will be houses, and then you see workers assembling thatch in their backyard. (Yes I know some Bali Hut companies in Australia work from their back yard as well; this is not a dig at them.)

Anyway, can you imagine how much quality control and thatch grading goes on in a backyard? Let me tell you, none at all. Really, how could it?

I was confronted with this problem a while ago. I wanted to offer a 100% money-back guarantee on my Bali Huts, so I had to make sure I had control of the thatch output to ensure it was consistent, reliable and always the same. This way, every one of my customers would be thrilled and delighted with their purchase.

Well, there was only one thing for it; I had to create my own system. So I created my very own quality control system that ensures the same high quality every time. I standardised every length of thatch, every hip piece, introduced measuring tools, quality checks and drying processes and implemented a factory to have all my thatch assembled in. How did I do this?? Well let me tell you it was a major challenge. I don’t speak the native language of Bahasa, but luckily my English speaking Indonesian friends do, so I was able to break down the communication barriers to ensure you are the winner with a constant, reliable, proven thatch on your new Bali Hut.

How do we keep quality control over your thatch? Easy. Your thatch is checked before packaging and checked once again upon arrival. On average we have 2–3 containers arriving every week, some with thatch some with other materials from around the world to make up the Bali Hut Super Store range. It is all stored in our massive 3,000 sqm factory located at Ormeau. It’s always in a dry, clean environment and never goes “stale in the bag” as quite often happens when one of our small competitor’s purchases just one container a year and stores it in their shed, or worse, in their paddock with no concrete floor and no walls, and a leaking roof. Do you really want to risk it?

This is one of the reasons I have built a strong team to support you when you purchase your Bali Hut and I spend regular time in Indonesia surprise-checking my thatch-manufacturing team and quality.

A one-man band simply cannot do this. It may be admirable to say you deal with the owner, but let’s face it, what’s that achieving? The owner will be running around all over the place and never be able to keep an eye on any one thing in particular. Let me ask you: Wouldn’t you prefer to have the peace of mind and satisfaction of having a team of highly skilled and trained Bali Hut professionals working with you?

Buyer Mistake 4: Buying On Price Not Quality and Value

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys! And remember costly mistake number one? You can base your buying decision on price alone if you like, but remember you heard it here first. You and I both know when you purchase on price alone, you get less. It really is that simple.

As most business people will tell you, in any industry, section overheads are pretty much the same; material costs are pretty similar. There may be a percent or two here and there but that’s really it. Even my large operations compared to a backyarder, the overall costs and margins are similar, so if you have received quotes for a Bali Hut DIY kit or installation that are cheaper, ask yourself what’s missing.

Unless you are an expert in manufacturing Bali Huts, it’s quite likely you may never figure it out. A few little discreet things add up to a lot. Our Bali Huts come with 7 magnificent and massive guarantees. How could we do this if we were offering you a based-on-price-only product?? Well the answer is simple; we just couldn’t. You are the customer and we want to deliver massive, unexpected value to you, not just some cheap, inferior product.

Buyer Mistake 5: Comparing Oranges With Apples

Comparing a cheaper imported Bali Hut kit against a Bali Hut Super Store Bali Hut kit is like comparing Oranges with Apples.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but let’s face it, the value and quality between the two is just not there and in all honesty the cheaper imports look cheap and you’ll have to replace it usually within 2-4 years.

But they are low maintenance and cheaper right? Well yes they may be but does it come with pre-staining, a 100% Money Back Guarantee, A Rot Free Guarantee, galvanised fasteners and all the other added values a Bali Hut Super Store Bali Hut kit comes with?

Answer; NO! You see a cheaper imported version can’t compare. When you buy a Bali Hut kit from us we want you to be happy with your purchase so you can sit back, relax and enjoy it without having to go to the hardware store to buy pieces that were missing or incorrect.

Oh and all our Bali Huts are pre-stained inside our pressure-controlled, purpose-built spray booth which extends the lifespan of your stain even further.

Buyer Mistake 6: Taking DIY To The Extreme

By now you probably already know that all our Bali Huts come in complete DIY kits. We have a whole bunch of customers from all walks of life that include carpenters, builders and landscapers that buy our DIY Bali Hut kits for themselves and some of their own customers I imagine, along with the huge numbers of white and blue collar workers as accountants, handymen, factory workers, office workers and so on.

Yet we still have a minority of people asking “Can we build it ourselves and just buy the roofing from you?” Sure we sell the roofing, but I will say this time and time again, customers think they are saving money but in fact they may not be.

For example, they have a mate that is a builder and they spend time trying to use up all their favours with their builder mate. They spend weekends driving from timber yard to timber yard trying to buy timber at the lowest possible price.

Then they off to their local hardware store to purchase the fasteners and usually end up buying the wrong ones. Then they discover after a storm their Bali Hut wasn’t engineered to withstand their local wind classification or has no certification, the joints are all untidy and they have had 3, 4 or 5 goes at trying to get the tricky angles right.

After all this we usually get calls from them saying, “I wish we had bought our Bali Hut from you and can you help us? We would have saved money and about 4 or 5 weekends trying to figure it all out, not to mention the fact that I also would have finished up with less stress and frustration and a much better high quality finished product.”

Buyer Mistake 7: Everyone’s An Expert, No-one’s A Specialist

We all know family and friends mean well and even tradesmen from plumbers to builders will put their 2-cents worth in when you ask for advice on your Bali Hut but you don’t go to a heart surgeon to treat a cold- you go to a heart surgeon because they’re specialists.

In fact I’ve seen some horror Bali Hut builds that have been built by mates, plumbers and builders. These guys are great at what they do and in their chosen filed of expertise, but when they are doing things they are not experienced in, the results can be costly and disastrous for you.

Also a majority of homes are now being done in kit form, that is, the frame is all pre-fabricated and made. All the builder and his carpenters are doing is basically assembling it and don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to take anything away from builders, but let’s face it, The Bali Hut Super Store doesn’t build homes and builders don’t build Bali Huts.

Ring me up and ask me to build your house; I’ll say yes, sure, we could do it but we won’t. Why? Well although I have a combined team larger than plenty of builders, we just don’t specialise in homes. I would sooner recommend a great builder. The same in reverse is true. Doesn’t matter if it’s a builder, handyman, tradie or a friend who has done it all before, chances are you are going to end up with a bit of a disappointment. You see, there are a heap of little tricks we’ve picked up over the years to make sure your job and Bali Hut gets done right the first time.

When you purchase one of our DIY Bali Hut kits you are backed up by not only comprehensive instructions but also by a 1300 technical-support line. At the end of the day you can do whatever you like with your money, but if you want ease and no hassles, I strongly recommend you stick with experts like us.

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