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Brian And Jodie’s Shocking Confession Of How They Blew $3,100 Of Their Hard Earned Cash On A Cheap and Nasty Bali Hut Kit To Save A Few Bucks! – And have regretted it ever since…

“You know when you buy something online these days you hope to get what you pay for, however we learnt the hard way, you don’t, or not in our case when we bought our DIY Bali hut kit from an one man band Bali hut supplier.

It was a nightmare from the moment we ordered… “After researching several Bali hut kit suppliers online for the best part of three months, we parted with $3,100 upfront and decided to go with a Bali hut kit supplier from a small company… wow BIG mistake!

“They said delivery would be in three weeks, tweleve weeks later it arrived. The hut we received didn’t look anything like the one we bought from their website. I called them about it, got a impersonal email reply 10 days later saying well that’s what I bought so it was my problem which I am still not happy about because the image on the website and what we received were totally different.

Construction day disasters more time and money… “Then when we unpacked it, it didn’t have the crown included like they said it would for the roofing, the timber posts were thin, and flimsy and Brian still thinks the posts were rotting because everything was wet and damp.

“Then on construction day none of the pieces fitted so we had to spend more time and money on trying to find the right fasteners and cutting several pieces of the hut so they would fit together! And Brian’s no slouch in the DIY area. We even got a tradesperson we know to have a look at it, and he couldn’t make any sense of it or construct for us either.

To cut a long story short… we got burnt big time buying our DIY Bali hut kit from an small one man band business Bali hut supplier and in all honesty, it was to save a few bucks. In the end, Brian threw it in the trailer and took it to the tip, we argued and we wasted $3,100 of our cash!

The good news… lesson learnt! We decided to try again only this time using an Australian’s Premier Bali hut Kit supplier and I got to say we’re over the moon with the Tropical Lifestyle Bali Hut Super Store! These guys really know how to design, make and deliver DIY Bali hut kits.

And with all the extra benefits and features you get like the 100% Money Back Guarantee, Australia wide delivery and their excellent quality we knew we should have got a hut from them first, but like I said, we didn’t because we wanted to save a few bucks! Mistake number two!

Construction day this time around was fun, easy and painless… “We put our DIY Bali hut up ourselves which was easy and fun, so we saved more money there. That night we celebrated with our first romantic candlelight dinner in our Bali Hut just the two of us.

The quality, service and support you get from the Bali Hut Super Store are outstanding! It’s the best value for money because you get everything you need, and we also got delivery to our door in Victoria. – deliver4y to the door was a option at a small additional charge

For us after all the trouble and cash we burnt using the one man band, the Bali Hut Super Store blew their competitors out of the water on quality, value for money, service and inclusions and Brian and I can’t thank you for all your help and helping us solve our problem. Couldn’t be happier!” Best wishes, Brian and Jodie, Victoria

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  • Enjoy your very own tropical paradise haven out of the sun so you, family and friends can relax and enjoy life in the cool summer breezes
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  • You’ll receive our “Magnificent 7 Guarantee’s Of Product, Quality and Service” which include a ‘Structural, Rot and Termite Free’ Guarantee that no other DIY Bali Hut supplier or Bali Hut Store can match
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  • You get delivery to your door anywhere in Australia

Dear Outdoor Lover & Friend of the Bali Hut Superstore,

If you’re unhappy about your unfinished or ugly yard… have a worn out rotting timber pergola or no outdoor quality entertainment area at all to relax in then relax, because you’re in the right place to get a affordable and practical Bali hut kit solution in almost any size, and length you want!

With over 30 years experience in designing, manufacturing and delivering thousands of DIY Bali hut kits to Australians from Hobart to Cape York, Burke to Bunbury customers haven’t voted us as Australia’s leading manufacturer of DIY Bali Hut kits by chance.

We’re an Australian owned and operated Bali Hut Kit Company that stands behind our products, our services and our customers and deliver on everything we say and do.

Which is why any one of our quality Bali Hut Superstore DIY Bali hut kits will not only help shield you and your children from skin cancer but improve your life, reduce your stress levels and lift your homes presentation and value.

And don’t be mistaken for thinking that our 100% Money Back Guaranteeour 31 years of experience… and all the other benefits you’ll receive from the Bali Hut Super Store are all too good to be true, let me assure you, they aren’t!

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